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  Why? The question that is never far away The healing doesn’t come from being explained Jesus please don’t let this go in vain You’re all I have All that remains So here I am What’s left of me Where glory meets my suffering I’m alive Even though a part of me has died You take […] View more compassionate Christian inspirational videos and posts via MERCY ME – THE HURT & THE HEALER — Grief Poetry Thanks to mercymevideo for sharing      

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Get great music for less

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If you regularly download music to your iPod or MP3 player, you will find that it doesn’t take long for the costs to quickly add up. To save money. some people turn to illegal downloading, not necessary or ethical. There are legal ways to get affordable music downloads without having to resort to illegal methods. Get great music for less. Check out these ideas for spending less on legal music downloads.   Search around, many options are available Amazon sometimes has lower prices than iTunes, and it is just as convenient to download music. Popular music can often be downloaded...

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Blessed Assurance In Salvation

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 How To Have Blessed Assurance In Salvation Take the world - Give me Jesus     Don’t continue to live with doubts about your eternal salvation. Rather, live with the blessed assurance God wants you to enjoy as His child.   Do Know If You’re Saved?   How can I come to full assurance that I have such a relationship? By affirming the promises of God as revealed in Scripture by the internal witness of the Spirit, and by manifesting real and righteous fruit born out of love for the Person of Christ and the desire to bring Him honor...

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