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IRS Tax Relief Programs 2018: Top questions answered - IRS Tax Attorneys   The most helpful way to think about IRS tax relief services for outstanding back taxes is two ways. 1. You can not afford to pay or 2. You truly don’t owe the taxes. Other types of amnesties involve limiting criminal exposure, unfiled returns, and punishment mitigation. And there is the IRS First Time Penalty Relief program that is guaranteed as a matter of right. You merely need to request it. Sometimes it simply requires a call, others instances the petition must be in writing. Additionally, the IRS...

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Is SBA debt forgiveness taxable?

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This article is for general information and should not be construed as tax advice.  Readers are strongly encouraged to consult their tax adviser regarding their individual tax situation. Is SBA debt forgiveness taxable? There is no doubt about it: the negotiation of a settlement of SBA loan can be challenging. These days, lenders are so overwhelmed due loans that it may take an act of Congress to get them to even return your phone call. Then, when they do return your call, you are asked to complete a series of costly and confusing forms. Once you return this information, it is...

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