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Pay Off Debt


Finally, A Day  for Paying off debt

Today I paid my debt to my roommate Kevin, following Dave Ramsey’s advice, now onto next year’s debt resolutions!

Big Board Of Debt
We paid our last credit card!   On May 1, 2011, my wife and I paid our last credit card. It took us 17 months to knock over 000 credit card debt we have accumulated over the past years.  We could pay off sooner, but we had a vacation in Hawaii (air fair and hotel) for our 20th wedding anniversary and spent a little over 000 species of this trip.  It was well worth the delay we read: “Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey in December 2009 and is committed to this method in January 2010.

Whether you’re a fan of Dave Ramsey’s method works or not, and we are the proof.  It just takes a lot of discipline, and if you are a couple, one must be on the same page.  Our next goal is to pay off our SUV, we hope to do in less than a year.  We have refinanced our home mortgage for 15 years and our goal is to make an extra payment per year to pay more.  Your financial goals too are possible with a budget!



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